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Introducing the Liberty buildpack

Kevin Ortega
Monday, Apr 4, 2022

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Liberty is finally available in Paketo and included in the java buildpack! Liberty is an open application framework designed for the cloud. It’s small, lightweight, and designed with modern cloud-native application development in mind.

With the Liberty buildpack, you can:

  • Build Java apps from source or a pre-configured on-prem Liberty
  • Install Liberty and user custom features
  • Install Liberty interim fixes
  • Create UBI-based OCI images

What do you need?

  • Your application source or a pre-configured on-prem Liberty
  • Docker
  • pack

Let’s get started!

The following examples use the Open Liberty starter application as the application source. Download the Open Liberty starter application:

git clone
cd guide-getting-started/start

If you’re new to buildpacks, I recommend you set a default builder as this removes the need to set a builder each time you build an image.

pack config default-builder

Build the application with a minimal footprint with only the Liberty features required to run the application and IBM Semeru OpenJ9:

 pack build --env BP_JAVA_APP_SERVER=liberty \
  --env BP_LIBERTY_PROFILE=jakartaee9 \
  --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/eclipse-openj9 --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/java myapp

Your application is now transformed into an OCI image!

Now what?

With your OCI image, you can run your application locally with the docker run command.

docker run --rm -p 9080:9080 myapp

or deploy your application to any Kubernetes-based platform, such as Red Hat OpenShift, by using an Open Liberty operator

Build your app from an on-prem Open Liberty installation

You can build from an on-prem Open Liberty installation by using a packaged Liberty server. Run the following command to package your server.

bin/server package defaultServer --include=usr

You can then supply the packaged server to the build by using the --path argument:

pack build --path <packaged-server-zip-path> \
 --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/eclipse-openj9 \
 --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/java myapp

Alternatively, you can build from a Liberty server installation by changing your working directory to the installation root that contains the wlp directory and running the following command:

pack build  \
 --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/eclipse-openj9 \
 --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/java myapp

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