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Growing a healthy open source community, one metric at a time

David Espejo
Wednesday, Jun 22, 2022

In this post, I plan to share the framework the Paketo Buildpacks project will be using to approach the goal of building and sustaining an inclusive community of users, contributors and maintainers; and how it translates to a set of action items we will be executing during the remaining of 2022.

Currently, the project follows the Community Engagement guidelines and best practices outlined here as they represent a diverse set of initiatives designed to provide the community with tools and processes for improved collaboration. To make sure we are doing it effectively, an assessment is conducted twice per year, providing recommendations and an action plan to address the possible findings.

The following list summarizes the findings for the June 2022 assessment and provides links to corresponding issues. Also it’s organized as a timeline for the second half of 2022, which implies the estimated Level of Effort to discuss, reach an agreement and implement a solution for each finding:


Project Maturity

  • Improve README (#82)
  • Build a set of talk proposal to submit to events (Discussion)
  • Start exploring an User Research exercise (#98)


Project Maturity

  • Start building a public ADOPTERS list (#89)

User Community engagement

  • Work on additional Issue templates (#83)

Growth of community

  • Incorporate casual contributors to GOVERNANCE (#84)
  • Start building monthly community newsletter

Attentiveness of maintainers

  • Work on more informational release notes (#87)


Project Maturity

  • Complete the User Research exercise (#98)

Growth of community

  • Review current inventory of good-first-issues

Diversity of Community

  • Document a style guide (#85)
  • Work with Developer Advocates on recorded content (demos, walkthroughs)

Attentiveness of Maintainers

  • Start a Contributor of the Month initiative (#86)


Project Maturity

  • Achieve OpenSSF Best Practices passing badge (#92)

Diversity of Community

  • Deliver a meetup talk

User Community engagement

  • Kickoff a Paketo User Meeting (#88)


Diversity of Community

  • Deliver a Tutorial session at a conference


  • Run a new assessment and generate action plan

All these tasks are no small feat. Because of this, your input as a valued community member is highly appreciated. Feel free to comment on the issues or even point us on a better direction where you see it’s needed.

Thanks in advance and let’s keep building Paketo together!