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WebSphere Liberty now available

Kevin Ortega
Thursday, Aug 25, 2022

I am pleased to announce that WebSphere Liberty is now included in the Paketo Liberty buildpack and available to currently entitled WebSphere Liberty users. WebSphere Liberty is built on Open Liberty and is a lightweight, efficient, Java™ EE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile cloud-native runtime.

The Paketo Liberty buildpack now gives you a choice to use WebSphere Liberty or Open Liberty to run your application.

To use WebSphere Liberty in your container, set the BP_LIBERTY_INSTALL_TYPE environment variable to specify the install type wlp:

 pack build --env BP_JAVA_APP_SERVER=liberty \
  --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/eclipse-openj9 \
  --buildpack paketo-buildpacks/java myapp

Open Liberty continues as the default install type.

Just like Open Liberty, WebSphere Liberty offers a range of profiles to choose from.

Open Liberty Logo

Set the BP_LIBERTY_PROFILE environment variable to specify the profile you want to use.

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